Todd Gerleman’s decade of mortgages

Todd Gerleman

It was more than a decade ago that Todd Gerleman moved into the real estate market — specifically, originating and closing mortgages for interested homeowners. Amassing 13 years of experience in the field, Gerleman has worked with various businesses in the Greater Minneapolis region toward making mortgage loans possible for house dreamers. From Brookfield Home Loans in Edina to Landmarq Lending, River City Mortgage and Team USA Mortgage, he has worked with a wide variety of clientele who all aimed toward the ultimate goal of ownership. Additionally, he has aided individuals with mortgages across Minnesota as well as other states — Florida and Wisconsin — and throughout the Midwest.

This immense expertise has led Todd Gerleman to his position today with American Mortgage & Equity Consultants, Inc. as a Licensed Mortgage Loan Originator. He began in this role in October 2017, originating and closing mortgage loans for persons across Wisconsin and Minnesota. He also generates new alliances with realtors and other business partnerships in this job. Gerleman returns to American Mortgage & Equity Consultants after several years with other firms. He previously worked for the agency from March 2009 to August 2010 as a Mortgage Loan Originator in a different company branch office, serving the entire Midwest.

Todd Gerleman Can Get You the Right Mortgage

Todd GerlemanThe mortgage industry has a strong need for experienced professionals who are capable of helping clients navigate the system and Todd Gerleman fits the bill. He understands the mortgage market better than most and he is also intent on making sure his clients get the best possible service. He really wants to assist his clients and not just get them the best deal possible, but also make navigating the system as easy as possible.

In addition to his business success, it is clear that Todd Gerleman approaches his personal life the same way. He is an avid reader of self-help books, like those written by heavyweights like Brian Tracy and Zig Ziglar and he is inspired by them and tries to apply as much of that knowledge as he can to both his career and personal life. That’s why he eats a healthy, plant-based diet and why he runs and works out as much as he can. He doesn’t just appreciate the health benefits of that exercise, but also the positive effect on his mood, as they relieve a lot of his stress and anxiety. Todd Gerleman even likes to run marathons, when he isn’t spending time with his family, traveling or watching movies.

Todd Gerleman has spent more than a dozen years in the mortgage industry, so he has seen almost everything. He has certainly seen most of the industry’s ups and downs. The only constant in the mortgage industry is change, which is why Todd believes it’s important to always been flexible. The rules and the regulations are always being tweaked and adjusted, so it’s always necessary to be able to change to meet whatever challenges come along. In Todd Gerleman’s opinion, the government became very involved after the 2008 recession and they have perhaps over-regulated by now.